Concrete is a very popular material. It’s an ideal option to consider if you’re searching for a durable and appealing driveway. For those who don’t know, concrete is a combination of aggregates, water, and cement. It’s the preferred driveway material in most states.  

So, how much does a driveway installation cost? Well, there is no single answer to this question. The cost depends on several factors. There are a lot of things you need to consider as well. Today, we’re going to share with you the factors that affect the cost of concrete driveway installation by a professional Dallas concrete contractor

Removal of the Previous Driveway 

If you’ve got an existing driveway and you want to replace it, the contractor will have to get rid of the old driveway. The labor required for the removal varies in four categories. This includes: 

  • Will the contractor remove the old driveway by hand or will they use tools? 
  • How far will the contractor travel to dispose of the waste? 
  • How sturdy is the existing driveway? 
  • How deep do they have to remove? 

Typically, concrete contractors reinforce driveways with rebar and pour them at a depth of 4 inches. That is why most concrete contractors use these measurements to create an estimate. Keep in mind that a contractor can’t figure out the correct level of reinforcement until they begin the removal process.  


For those who don’t know, the foundation of a concrete slab is called a subgrade. It plays a huge part in the enforcement of your driveway. A contractor will compact the subgrade and enhance natural soil to help increase the lifespan of the driveway. Oftentimes, the contractor might have to bring infill.  

If your current subgrade is bad, the contractor would need to get rid of it and replace it with a road base.  


Another factor that influences the cost of a driveway installation is reinforcement. What reinforcement type will you use? There are a couple of options you can consider. First, a contractor can use single metal pieces called rebar. A contractor will follow a strategic pattern when installing it. Second, a concrete contractor can use a fiber mesh and wire mesh. 

Typically, a reliable contractor will use both fiber mesh and rebar when reinforcing the concrete driveway. This offers you peace of mind knowing that your driveway is strong enough to endure the weight, wear and tear, and the elements.  


The shape of the driveway is called form. You should expect a normal price if your driveway is straightforward. A couple of driveways are made to fit the layout of the yard. These driveways often require more attention to detail. Thus, they cost more.  


Concrete finishing refers to the final surface layout of the concrete driveway. Usually, you want to have a smooth and formed surface.  

There are a lot of various forms of finishes for your concrete driveway. It all depends on your preferences. However, some types are more expensive than others. Thus, you have to ask the contractor for the ideal finish for your project.